It’s been a rough week for breastfeeding around my house. My goal this time around was to make it to a year. Actually, if I’m being honest, it’s been my goal to make it to that one-year mark with each baby, but so far all my babies and I have fizzed out by 9 months.

My little girl turns one in a little under 2 weeks and until recently I was absolutely convinced that we were going to make that big one-year breastfeeding milestone.

We made it through a rough patch when her first teeth came in and she thought I was a teething toy – there were a few not so fun weeks then – but we’ve been going strong ever since. Making it to a year seemed well within reach.

nursing on the go

Nursing on the go

Things have been going so well that I’d been toying with the idea of nursing longer than a year. With the recent struggles we’ve been having though, I’m now wondering if it’s just time to wean. It seems like both of us are getting a bit burned out on our breastfeeding relationship.

We’ve been going really strong and then we weren’t. It started a few weeks ago when my baby decided to go on a nursing strike. I tried to push through but she’s a stubborn little thing and wasn’t giving in.

After two days of sporadic nursing sessions that didn’t seem overly productive (and a temper tantrum related bite that left me sore for days) I pulled out a bottle. This baby of mine who previously wanted nothing to do with bottles chowed down like it was the best thing she’d ever had.

She’s since gone back to nursing well at night (and is back to refusing bottles) with maybe one good nursing session during the day but she wants nothing to do with it the rest of the time. I’m still hoping she’ll keep up her nighttime nursing sessions so I can make it to my one-year goal but I’m following her lead on this one.

I really thought I would be ready to be done breastfeeding by the time her first birthday rolled around but it’s been such a great experience this time that I’m finding it hard to let go of. My baby on the other hand has made it perfectly clear that she’s ready to move on.

How did you know when you were ready to wean your baby?

2 Responses to How do you know when you are ready to wean your baby?

  1. Man that’s always a tough call. I feel the same pressure you do to make it to that one year mark. I made it to the one year goal with my first and am hopful with my second but who knows, each kid is so different. You are being a good mama in letting her lead though. It’s so important to listen to our babies prompting and way less stressful.

  2. Oddly enough, she’s going strong again now but she’s only nursing a few times a day. I should make it to her one year birthday. Now she’s waking up to nurse in the middle of the night again so she not be ready to give up nursing completely after all.

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