I’ve made no secret of my love of having my kids involved in cooking and making meals. Over the years I’ve written many times about cooking with kids and I’ve shared many recipes my children and I have made together. I think it’s incredibly important to have them take part in cooking and even to just have them hanging out with me while I’m in the kitchen cooking. I think their involvement will help them grow to love food, appreciate the value in good healthy food, and give them the knowledge and life skills to prepare food and make healthy life choices for themselves.

I will admit there can be some down sides to having kids in the kitchen. Sometimes little ones can get under foot making things a little difficult for you. We have a general rule of no playing the kitchen when mom or dad are cooking. My girls like to start-up super fun games of chase and tag around the kitchen island which is adorable and fun when I am not cooking, but awfully dangerous and distracting when I am cooking. Then there are the dangers of cuts and burns. I approach kitchen dangers just as I approach potential hazards in all areas of the girl’s lives. I explain the danger and the need for increased care or attention and I try my best not to hover too much. For the most part this way of doing things has paid off. Of course children like to push limits and test things out, but I try to keep things as safe as I can while also trying to give them the space to live and learn.


Not too long ago my husband and I were working together to get dinner ready. Breakfast for dinner. An easy, yummy, and simple meal. Since I was making a hug batch of pancakes I decided to use our large electric griddle to get the job done faster. As the griddle warmed on the kitchen island, Luke washed a few dishes at the sink, and I sautéed some veggies on the stove. In other words our backs were turned. In that moment our youngest – who happens to be quite the climber – climbed up onto a bar stool and placed her left hand on the cooking surface. Luckily she barely touched the hot surface before we were able to grab her and tend to her little burns. She was quite unhappy about the situation – and Luke and I both felt terrible – but she didn’t end up with any major injuries. Thankfully.

What could have been a very bad situation turned into a learning opportunity for us. Delaney learned a very important lesson about touching hot things and Luke and I learned a good lesson about turning our backs on hot things.

Have your kids ever had any kitchen related injuries or accidents?

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