Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? We have most of our decorations up, but I love adding new things each year. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is make crafts and treats with the kids. I especially think it’s fun to make handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree. Kids love making things like this, and I truly believe handmade ornaments end up being the most treasured in your collection.

Following are 10+ Christmas ornaments that are great projects for kids!

Ornaments to make with kids!

All of these ideas sound like so much fun! There are ideas on the list for kids of just about all ages. My boys love being able to paint wooden ornaments, and last year our oldest loved following a simple craft kit. Really, there’s no way to go wrong with homemade ornament options for kids and there are so many fun ideas out there! Having a good time and creating special holiday memories is what it’s all about!

What homemade ornaments do you like to make with your kids?


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