Holidays are here! Gimme lollipops and presents, right?


But #GivingTuesday (December 3) is also here… the second annual event that asks us all to contribute to something ‘good’ for the greater good. The pre-mom me would’ve liked it a lot and thought it was great. The MOM-me freakin’ loves it, is shouting it from the rooftops (i.e.: the internet) and keeps clicking on the #GivingTuesday on Twitter just to see new activity. I’m a little obsessed (in a grateful, gracious and good way) and even created a humble initiative for my fellow moms-that-work-in-TV in Los Angeles to support our local Children’s Hospital.


For me, it happened this year. I remember feeling more compassion and empathy for others (especially kids) after my first daughter was born… but now that my second little girl is a year and a half (walking, talking, jumping, raising chaos), I REALLY FEEL MORE NOW… especially since it’s holiday-time. (Stick with me here, this might get cheesy.) As their mom, I love them but also look at them in a new, inexplicable way. I am thankful they are healthy. I am thankful they are safe. I am even thankful they are crazy people who are currently doing dangerous things concerning cribs and driving me crazy in the process. But I am grateful. I cannot imagine the strength that other moms (some that I personally know, as I’m sure you might too) must muster every day for a child that is maybe battling an illness or issue that compromises their quality of life. I am very blessed, and have always been humbly thankful for that, but we all know that anyone’s life can change in an instant. That’s what gets me, I think. We are all in this together… we all must take what nonsense life sometimes throws us, and GIVE when we’re off the hook.

Some of my favorite causes for this year’s giving season? You guessed it: Companies and/or charities that give back to kids and their families. I’ll be blunt and name two for you to click on…

Actor and congenital heart defect survivor Max Page’s Joy Jars (this is the kid from that famous Mini-Darth-Vader Superbowl commercial): Gives 5 minutes of “joy” to kids in hospitals (a gift they can open IN their beds… I fell in love with this so much that I did a segment on it on Hallmark’s “Home & Family”).

Sydney Paige school gear: When you buy 1 adorable, quality backpack (similar to Pottery Barn Kids style), Sydney Paige gives A MATCHING BACKPACK to a kid in an underserved area… and they even pack that backpack WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES to break the cycle of poverty through education.

See? I told you I’m ‘in this’ #GivingTuesday thing. (No, they are not paying me to a spokesperson.) You can blame my babies. The little rascals. And I’m noticing that celebrity moms get affected after they have babies too. Just a few weeks ago, new mom Fergie (yeah, that hot singer married to actor Josh Duhamel) was doing the media rounds for Project Sunlight and admitted (on-air, on several different outlets) how she feels things she never felt before she became a mom. I believe the quote was something like, “I look into my child’s eyes and I want to help/save other children.” Ditto girl. Dit-to.

BE GRATEFUL, BE GRACIOUS, DO GOOD. That’s officially my new motto. My new MOM-tto (too much?).



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  1. I totally hear ya! I feel so much more in tune with others needs now that I am a mom.

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