As if the holiday season sneaking up on me isn’t enough… now I’m contending with a crawling, creeping and almost-walking baby who ISN’T supposed to be doing any of these things yet (in my opinion, anyways). My barely eight-month old seems to be in some sort of hurry to walk before Christmas. And all I can think is: PLEASE STOP. How’s that for a typical second-time mom attitude?

My older daughter didn’t really start crawling until she turned 8 months (which I encouraged even in department store dressing rooms), then started standing and taking first steps around her first birthday… and oh, were we impressed. (That first-born syndrome thing was in full effect.) Seems my little impatient infant seems to want to show us all that her older sister isn’t so hot afterall. So, she crawls and stands and sidesteps while holding on to furniture. I was trying to ignore it, but no can do anymore.

Fact is, I’m just not ready. My baby is…. my  BABY. She’s too little to walk. Just when I’ve finally perfected my daily ‘system’ coordinating two babies, my peace of household is disrupted. And I’m also not ready for that loudly-obnoxious (visually and noisy) old walker to barge it’s ugly head and wheels back into my freshly-updated kitchen and ruin my white-and-grey zen. Whatever. I’m selfish. At least I know it.

Then swooped in the Joovy Spoon walker (a fabulous early holiday gift compliments of Right Start). When it was offered to me to test on my baby, I resisted, I hemmed, I hawed (But I don’t want a walker yet!) but then I couldn’t resist anymore (I blame Joovy’s irresistibly-chic design). At some point you must let your baby develop at their own pace, right?

But back to the design: Seriously, I’ve never seen a walker like this. I actually like looking at it in my kitchen. It compliments my decor. (Geez I AM selfish.) I chose a grey (“charcoal”) seat, but there’s also green, blue and purple. The tray is wide enough to prevent my little munchkin from barging her way through everything (a good thing)… and also wide enough to carry enough toys to keep her occupied for a long time (until she chucks them off the side one by one). Not to mention, my husband locked the whole thing together in about 5 minutes. My only issue is that my toddler has discovered that pushing her little sister around the house in her “spoon” is a really fun game. I only wish I registered for this thing the first time around…

And just like that: I’m excited for my baby girl to start walking.

One Response to Holiday shopping: How a Joovy Spoon adjusted my attitude.

  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    I have yet to find a Joovy product that I didn’t fall in love with! I so wish I had Joovy when my first two children were born!!! We don’t have the Spoon but it looks awesome!

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