This year marked the first year that both of my parents are living out of state. I was used to having my Dad in Minnesota (where I was born) but I had always had my mom near me in Sothern California. This past spring she up and moved to Georgia. Needless to say, it’s time for me to get really good at shipping gifts across state lines. So here’s a list of holiday gift ideas that will hopefully help bridge the distance.

  1. Baked goods -Nothing says the holidays like sweets. In my family I am the traditional Lefse baker and I have friends and family from all over that look forward to getting those tins. Other things that ship well are fudge, snowball cookies and bars. Or, if baking isn’t your thing there are lots of great bakeries that ship all over the world. We’ve received Kringle’s as gifts and they are wonderful!Holiday Gift Ideas
  2. Fresh Wreath – Each year I always receive a fresh evergreen wreath as a gift from my mother-in-law, and I love it. It looks great above my fireplace and it brings the scent of pine into my home. So if you are in a bind, consider sending a fresh wreath or maybe even a fresh holiday centerpiece for their gift ideas
  3. Digital picture frame – A few years back I purchased on of these for my dad and he still talks about it. I pre-loaded it with images of our family and I regularly email him new photos to add to the frame through it’s USB port. If you have a non-tech-savvy grandparent, there are also frames that have wifi capability that can receive images from an email. This allows you to upload and change the photos yourself. Imagine Grandma waking up each morning to new photos on her frame of what her grandchild did yesterday!holiday gift ideas
  4. Picture gifts – When you have kids, these gifts become more and more appealing, especially to grandparents. I’ve purchased mouse pads, magnets, Smartphone cases, and collage art. With so many sites offering such great deals on personalized gifts, it’s easy to find what works for your gift ideas
  5. Kids handmade ornaments – this is a great add-on to any of the gifts listed above, or it’s nice on it’s own. I found wonderful ideas incorporating handprints and footprints here.

holiday gift ideas

What gifts do you ship to far away family members?

2 Responses to Holiday Gift ideas for Far Away Family Members

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  2. Kimberly says:

    This is our first Christmas where we can’t afford to go home and my mother-in-law was devastated. She even went so far as to not get a Christmas Tree. So, to brighten her Christmas, every day for the past week I’ve been sending little bits of Holiday cheer. I had a giant Poinsettia delivered to her work, sent a card and mailed her gifts separately, and I even mailed a tacky white 3 foot christmas tree and enlisted some friends to sing carols outside her house. Tonight she called and actually said “Its like you’re here.” That was exactly what I was going for.

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