Holiday travel with a baby

If you read my last post, Holiday gift ideas for the far away family members, you’ll know both my parents live in other states. We are fortunate to be able to travel to Georgia this year to spend Christmas with my mom in her new palatial southern home. Although I am excited for my first southern Christmas, the idea of holiday airplane travel with a baby and a toddler has me wrought with anxiety. I have been doing quite a bit of research for helpful tips and this is a compilation of the best ideas I have found.

I started my research with our very own Right Start Moms.

Rachel Lister has a few posts on traveling with a baby:

Sarah Wellensiek has great tips for flying with babies and toddlers. I personally will be utilizing baby wearing and new activities for the toddler.

Here are a few more posts I found to be helpful:

Tips for flying with baby – this article has some detailed tips on strategic sitting arrangements.

Flying with small children: Checklist of questions to ask your airline – this article is handy for prepping before you travel and it answers questions about standard airline practices, discount fares for infants, children’s meals, diaper-changing facilities, and more.

Air Travel Tips – This has to be one of the most comprehensive articles on the internet. It offers ideas for booking flights, toys to bring, and even what to consider when renting a car.

So, what tips would you give for traveling this holiday season with a baby and toddler?


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