When you have children who are close in age, it’s a good bet that they will bond well. But what about kids who are farther apart? I was eight years old when my parents were finally able to have another child, and it took a really long time – about 15 years – for me to finally become close with my sister.

My daughter and my oldest son are about the same difference in age as my sister and I. When you’re eight years old, it isn’t easy to bond with a small baby – you have nothing in common. There’s always that age gap, so both children are always in different stages of life.

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I try to encourage my oldest to bond with his sister in any way possible. One really great way that they can spend some quality time is for him to feed her a bottle. She rarely takes a bottle, but when she does I like to hand it off to her dad or a brother so that they can have a turn sharing a moment with her.

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Being silly is another great way for older kids and babies to bond. My boys are great at telling jokes or making silly faces, and while my daughter doesn’t quite understand them, she’ll still smile and laugh. And there’s really nothing sweeter than seeing her listen intently as big brother tells her a story. I cherish every sweet moment like this and I can’t wait to see more as they all grow.


What are some ways you help your children bond?

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