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It’s our one-year blog anniversary!

Over the last year our eight Right Start Moms have shared their personal parenting stories, funny mom moments and advice on everything from breastfeeding and solid foods to traveling tips to planning unique baby showers and birthday parties, and so much more! The Right Start Blog has gained great momentum throughout the year and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Now that we’re a year old, we think we’re ready for a new name. A name that showcases what we’re all about. We thought, Why not let our community rename the blog? So, to celebrate our blog’s one-year anniversary we’d love to have your help to Name Our Blog!

We’re looking for a name that not only sums up the joys of parenthood but the twists and turns, too. Think you’ve got a clever, catchy, one-of-a-kind name that captures what it is to be a modern parent? Send us your idea (scroll down for info on how to enter)  for a chance to win one of these incredible prize packages!

Name Our Blog Prizes – Valued at Over $2,000!

Grand Prize Package

Name Our Blog

Valued at $1,569.97, the Grand Prize package includes a Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, a Stokke Xplory Stroller and a Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier!

Second Place Prize Package

Name Our Blog

Valued at $439.98, the 2nd Place Prize package includes a Joovy Nook High Chair, a  Joovy Moon Room Play Yard and a Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag.

Third Place Prize Package

Name Our Blog

Valued at $164.98, the 3rd Place Prize package includes a Joovy Spoon Walker and a Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe play mat and gym!

How to Enter the Name Our Blog Contest!


  • All participants must be 18 years old, must be a legal U.S. resident and must live in the continental U.S.
  • Participants must submit their entry into the contest through the Rafflecopter form on this web page.
  • Winners will be voted by Right Start staff and Right Start Moms. The three entries with the most votes will each win one prize package.
  • If duplicate names occur, the first entry submitted will be the only one of the entries to be considered (so be creative!).
  • Each participant is eligible to win only one prize.
  • Prizes awarded have no cash value and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Right Start reserves the right not to use the Grand Prize winner’s entry as the new name of the blog due to trademarking, intellectual property infringements or for other reasons.
  • By participating in the Name Our Blog Contest, you agree to give Right Start complete rights to publish your content as we see fit.
  • Profane and obscene entries will be disqualified.
  • Right Start employees, affiliates and partners are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  • Winners will be notified via email. If winners do not respond to claim their prize within 96 hours of the first notification attempt, the entrant forfeits all claims to the prize package and another winner will be chosen based upon the total number of votes received.
  • This promotion may change or end at any time and at the full disclosure of LMC Right Start, Inc.

Ready to submit your fabulous idea and help us name our blog?

  • To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter form below.
  • The deadline to submit your entry is at 11:59 p.m. MDT on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.
  • Make sure to check back! We’ll announce the winners on Monday, September 23, 2013.

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134 Responses to Help Us Name Our Blog! {Contest}

  1. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Living without Labels: Happy, Hectic, Stylish Parenting.

  2. juliebeatty says:

    Blog from the start

  3. arely colin says:

    first blog

  4. Ross Olson says:

    Avant-Garde Parenting ~
    Ross Olson

  5. lana says:

    The right blog

  6. Sarah T says:

    Helping parents from the Start, Right Start!

  7. Tina Tapia says:

    “Write Start” A blog “written” for parents about taking the Right Start in parenting.

  8. Janelle says:

    Modern Mom Talk- keeping it real, keeping it right

  9. Erica says:

    The Starting Line

  10. Renee Smith says:


  11. Caitlin A. says:

    Start Right with the Right Start Baby Blog

  12. Rebecca says:

    From the Desk of Inspector RightStart

  13. Liz Alcala says:

    “…Because every Child (or baby) deserves the Right Start…”

  14. Ookie says:

    HopScotch Blog – parenting talk, right from the start

  15. Anne says:

    Starting Lift Right…..

  16. Natalie S says:

    Start Right – Right from the Start! OR To Motherhood and Beyond!

  17. Deb D. says:

    Right Start with Start Right

  18. Bright Starts from Right Smart!

  19. lien says:

    Starting off Right

  20. Tiffany Holtzinger says:

    Best Start & Beyond

  21. aahaftaura says:

    write from the right start

  22. brian says:

    Start on the Right Foot

  23. Right starts: From belly to birth and beyond

  24. Kellie says:

    The Right Start Mommy Blog

  25. hpop says:

    Moms Write for Right Start

  26. Rightstart Mom says:


  27. Rightstart Mom says:

    Getting it Right – A blog for parents getting the Right Start.

  28. Liz Rubinsky says:

    Bright Beginnings from Right Start!

  29. Deborah Pitzenberger says:

    Left Turns

    You’ve got your baby off to the Right Start….now what? Join us as we share our experiences- both successes and missteps- as we travel this crazy journey known as parenthood. Just like any journey, it’s not always going to be smooth roads, green lights and right turns. There’s going to be bumps, stop lights, and unexpected detours. But we’re in this together- left turns and all. It’s going to be the best and greatest adventure of our lives.

  30. Hannah says:

    Right Start

  31. Bethany says:

    Joyful Journeys in Parenting, Right from the Start

  32. Adina says:

    Just for starters

  33. Olivia Rubin says:

    I like LeftTurn as commented above. Or something that includes dads too.

  34. jeannine drenchek-scavo says:

    Parents Blog for any turn

  35. Laura Schneider says:

    Crib Sheet

    This blog is every parents cheat sheet. A quick reference guide to help answer the tough questions. And, a place to share with others what you’ve learned along the way.

  36. samyra says:

    from the start- blog for any parent

  37. samyra says:

    i did it my way- blog for any parent

  38. Regina P. says:

    Turn Right at the Roundabout – a blog to get you through parenting’s twists and turns

  39. Regina P. says:

    Right this Way – a blog to guide you on your parenting journey

  40. Regina P. says:

    No Wrongs, Just Rights – a blog to share in the many joys and challenges of parenting

  41. alexandra Loosbrock says:

    The Right Site

  42. Kelly Choma says:

    Launching Start

  43. Christy Joy says:

    Upside Down Cake: Slices of life from our perspective (or mom and dads)

  44. Elizabeth "Libby" K says:

    Heart to Heart: The Right Start for all things baby!

  45. Nicole W says:

    Mama Moments or Mommy Moments – Keep Calm and Parent On…

  46. Breanna says:

    Starting off Right

  47. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the name of your blog, don’t change it! So Right Start Blog it is 😉

  48. Abby B. says:

    Prepared Parenting

  49. amy pugmire says:

  50. Anita Utami says: Baby doesn’t come with a manual, so check out our blog to make it Right from the Start.

  51. Caroline L. says:

    Start Right blog

  52. Nici R says:

    beginning right

  53. Anita Utami says: All about babies and beyond.

  54. Anita Utami says: The blog for everything about babies and mommies.

  55. Anita Utami says: Because babies are awesome, and they do rock your world.

  56. How about a name that covers moms and dads who are rocking this parenting thing? Perhaps:

  57. Micah SneadMicah says:

    Smart Start

    Contest over, everyone else can go home, thank you very much.

  58. Cheryl says:

    Just Add Love – giving your child the Right Start!

  59. desincy says:

    Sweet Start-Right Baby!

  60. Cindy C. says:

    1. Keep Calm and Mommy Blog
    2. Gettin’ Mommy with it
    3. Right Start Mommy Bloggy Blog

  61. Meg S. says:

    Starting Point

  62. Jamie says:

    1) becoming my mom
    2) Stepping into the Right Future
    3) Guide, Lead, and Develope

  63. Rachel Miller says:

    Right Start Baby

  64. Genevieve S. says:

    a) ForStarters – you have started something beautiful – a family! Get encouragement from other parents who’ve been there.

    b) TheRightStuff – Parenting takes a lot – and you’ve got it! This is your place for insights and encouragement from other moms and dads who get it.

    c) UnStoppable – Equip yourself with necessary tips, insights and encouragement to thrive in parenthood.

    d) RighStartRestStop – Just take a moment for refreshing parenting insight and encouragement.

  65. Genevieve S. says:

    *RightStartRestStop (forgot a t!) 🙂

  66. Stephanie Ann says:


  67. I also like the following:
    Great Beginnings
    Happy Beginnings
    Beautiful Beginnings
    From Start to Finish
    Brighter Beginnings
    The Journey or Journies (you’re off to the right start, now your journey really begins)

  68. Did I really write “Journies”? Sleep deprivation . Ugh. Journeys.

  69. Candace says:

    I actually like “Right Start blog”, but if to change, a fun play on the words, like Start Here or Right Start Talk. 🙂 xo

  70. “Let the wild rumpus start” it shows that life is a ride – it is a very famous line from “Where the Wild Things Are” it can go with many stages and situations of life, and is still uses the word “Start” to pay homeage to your first blog name 🙂

  71. Anita Utami says:

  72. Jump start by Right Start
    Jump start with Right Start

  73. Sarah Untersee says:

    I like the Left Turn idea too!

  74. Katy says:

    Finding Our Footing- I like how it is a play on words with learning to walk, but it gives the blog room to grow!

  75. Jasmine says:

    Baby Steps
    Finding your Feet
    Pep Talk: RightStarters on a Varsity Team
    Figure 8’s: Figuring out the Twists and Turns of Parenthood from 8 Mom’s
    Start(ing) from Scratch
    Running Start
    Right as Rain
    Starting off on the Right Foot
    Smiles and hiccups

  76. Micole says:

    Baby Blog Start

  77. Lisa E says:

    Stepping stones blog – the first step to parenting

  78. Erica Turner says:

    Sugar, Spice, Living Mom Life

  79. D'Ann Hedges says:

    Right foot, Right Start

  80. curtis says:

    Starting It Right

  81. Anita Utami says: – The baby version of the famous movie.

  82. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Starting Life on the Right Foot

  83. Crazy Baby Love: The Real Deal on Parenthood

  84. Getting It Done Right: Maybe

  85. Abby Caraway says:

    Right From The Start

  86. Right Start Playdate
    Right Start Playdates
    Play dates with Right Start

    I picked these names because play dates are when I get together with other moms and dads to let our kids run wild while we adults chat. We share stories, exchange ideas, and offer support.

  87. Heather L. Davidson says:

    I was Right from the Start

  88. -blissful Chaos
    -Joyful Chaos
    -Happy Chaos
    -Blissful Parenting
    -Joyful Parenting
    -Joyful Start
    -Training Wheels

  89. soseattlemom says:

    Veracious by Right Start (Jennifer K C)

  90. Bounce

    This describes our kids bouncing off the walls and parents bouncing ideas off one another. The name doesn’t box you into any one category or any certain age group which allows you to bounce all over the place with your topics.

  91. Diane Lieu says:

    Running start, finish smart

  92. Ready…set…rightstart!

  93. Kay Brown says:

    Baby Love

  94. Kay Brown says:

    Love Thy Baby

  95. Kay Brown says:

    Little Sprout

  96. Kay Brown says:

    Veggie Sprout(s)

  97. Kay Brown says:

    Parent Trap

  98. Kay Brown says:

    Modern Style

  99. Diane Lieu says:

    Or right start, finish smart

  100. David says:

    The Right Baby Blog

  101. christy i says:

    Adventures in parenthood

  102. soseattlemom says:

    Parenting, Square One or Mom, Square One (Jennifer K. C.)

  103. Anita Utami says: Everything you want to know and share from pregnancy to toddlers.

  104. Lisa S says:

    Start strong finish first

  105. Andreana Powell says:

    New age Nurturing

  106. brooke thomas says:

    Start it right – here!

  107. Lily Brix says:

    Baby Steps – Right from the Start

  108. Angela Garza says:

    Parenting 101-Expecting the Unexpected

  109. Raine Marie says:

    Start Little, Start Right.

  110. Gwenn says:

    It’s a Start

  111. Anita Utami says: — It is all about babies, and me (mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, etc)

  112. Anita Utami says: — (B)aby (RIGH)t star(T) blog.

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