My son just turned two, and we’re well into the dreaded “No” phase. Getting him to sit at his high chair and eat a decent meal is the battle of the century. I’ve found, however, that he likes to snack throughout the day when we’re on-the-go. Keeping healthy toddler snacks on hand puts my mind at ease that he’s getting the nutrition he needs. It also keeps his blood sugar stable, minimizing tantrums and meltdowns. Here are some of our faves!

Granola Bars
Granola bars are a surefire quick and easy snack that kids gobble up every time. To cut costs, we make our own homemade version of Larabars with dates. This makes a soft bar that our toddler never chokes on. Odwalla also makes an all-natural bar that’s soft enough for kids and perfect for keeping in the diaper bag.

Fruit Leather
We like to pour applesauce into the dehydrator to make a flexible, all-natural fruit snack with no added sugar that’s highly portable. Many health food stores sell pre-packaged natural fruit strips as well.

Frozen Greek Yogurt
Scoop greek yogurt into a Sili Squeeze and freeze it for when you’re away from the house. The food thaws as you’re on the go and is the perfect, cool snack at the beach or zoo.

String Cheese
Perfect for at-home or out and about, toddlers love food that they can play around with!

My son is absolutely obsessed with blueberries. Find a berry that your kid likes and schedule a fun playdate at your nearby U-Pick grower to show them where their food comes from.

Just grab and go!

Chicken Pieces
Roast a chicken ahead of time and cut it into bite-sized pieces for a simple meal.

Tuna and Crackers
Whip up a batch of tuna salad and let your toddler enjoy it in a sandwich or on crackers. Several tuna companies now sell pre-mixed tuna in cans at the grocery store with a few crackers on the side for an easy snack.

Carrots and Ranch
We soften carrots in the slow-cooker ahead of time to my son can dip them in ranch dressing without fear of choking.

What are your favorite healthy toddler snacks?

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  1. I wish my kid would eat half of this stuff. 🙁 Such great ideas!

  2. Here’s another great snack: Salmon-cream cheese spread. Salmon has healthy omega-3s, which are important for baby’s brain development. Spread on crackers, in celery or on baked tortilla chips. Salmon has no mercury, also a good thing for a healthy brain! Find more tips and recipes in BabyBites: Everything You Need to Know about Feeding Babies and Toddlers in One Handy Book!

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