Happy Mother’s Day!

I feel so honored to wish all you mommas out there a beautiful day filled with snuggles and kisses from your kiddos. What do you all have planned? Breakfast in bed? Brunch with your own mother? Some spa treatments? Or better yet, a much-needed nap?

For me, it’s always a shared holiday with my mother-in-law as her birthday hits on or close to Mother’s Day. Plus, she DID give birth to my husband, so ya know, there’s that. ;) But frankly, I don’t mind. I feel so blessed to have a mother-in-law as involved in my children’s lives as she is. My boys light up when they hear her voice and, if I’m being honest, her bath time is way more fun than mine. She cooks us dinner once or twice a week and even takes one of my preschool work days each month. If I get sick or need a babysitter in a pinch, she is my first (and usually last) call. She picks up where I leave off and never misses a beat. I am forever in her debt, on a continual basis, and I can only pray I may one day be as generous with my time and love with my own grandchildren.

I could not imagine a better role model for my boys (and myself) than her sweet and generous spirit. So although I may receive those adorable preschool Mother’s Day crafts, she should share in the gifts as she deserves them just as much as I do.

I love you Gamma Karen!

Gamma Karen

Gamma and Punkin

Does your mother-in-law deserve kudos this Mother’s Day for helping out with your kids?


Kate Wilkinson is a wife to an amazing man who loves to cook (yes she knows she’s lucky!) and is blessed to be a stay at home mom to her two very active boys, Little Man and Punkin. Come join her adventure to maintain sanity while she juggles VERY energetic boys, housework that never seems to end, and the occasional date night that isn’t thwarted by falling asleep in the movie theatre. When mommy brain allows Kate blogs at RetroModernMom.com about family, faith and the funny things in between. It may be hard living in LA but she’s a modern mom doing it the old-fashioned way.

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