handprint reindeer

Here’s another fun and easy craft for kids of all ages. This is perfect for decorating the Christmas tree during that stage when kids are too young for pricey (and potentially dangerous) glass ornaments. Craft a bunch of homemade ornaments and decorate the tree with them! Add in a few plastic balls and candy canes for a quaint, kid-friendly tree that the family will love.

handprint reindeer craft supplies

You’ll need:

  • Brown construction paper
  • One googly eye
  • Brown or gold pipe cleaner
  • String or ribbon
  • Markers, pens or crayons
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors


handprint reindeer 2

Trace the child’s hand using the construction paper and cut it out.

handprint reindeer 3

Using the hole punch, punch one hole at the base of the palm and one hole towards the base of the thumb.

handprint reindeer 4

Glue the googly eye near the hole in the thumb.

handprint reindeer 5

Loop the pipe cleaner through the hole in the thumb and bend it to look like antlers.

handprint reindeer 6

Have children use the markeres, pens or crayons to draw a nose, feet, etc onto the reindeer. You may choose to have them use glitter or other accessories, such as a pom pom or bead for a nose. Have them get creative and draw fur, clothing, a tail…don’t forget to have them write their name and the year on the back!

handprint reindeer 7

Add a string to the hole at the base of the palm and hang on a Christmas tree or door handle.

While you have the construction paper handy, try out some more crafts. You can make a Santa beard or trace a whole class full of handprints and put them all in a circle to create a handprint wreath! You may even want to create an angel, gift tags or just make a simple holiday card.

What other seasonal crafts can you come up with using construction paper?

One Response to Handprint reindeer ornament

  1. Catherine says:

    The possibilities for construction paper are endless! Snowmen made from shapes cut from construction paper is a favorite around here. It gets my daughter cutting, thinking about shapes and how they can come together to make something, gluing and it keeps her busy.

    This reindeer is a great idea though. Maddy loves reindeer so any craft involving one is always a big hit.

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