As Halloween draws near moms across the country are hustling and busting here and there, stitching and sewing, gluing and painting, all in the name of Halloween fun for their children. Personally I have not yet done any of this. Because my daughter can’t seem to make up her mind on what she wants to dress up as, but that is another conversation all together. Dressing up and heading out door-to-door in search of generous neighbors with big bowls of candy is exciting for kids. Halloween is one of those holidays we parents try our hardest to make fun, but the fun cannot come at the expense of safety. With Halloween safety and fun in mind here are 8 tips to keep your young ones safe while they enjoy all the ghoulish fun.

1. Make sure your little one can safely walk and move about in their costume. Overly large or lose costumes and masks can make navigating walkways and sidewalks difficult and dangerous.

2. Carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and be seen by other pedestrians and drivers.

3. Getting to the next door quickly is every kid’s mission but running ahead isn’t safe. Make sure your children stay with you and your group. Walking means less tripping and the bonus is your children are always in your sight.

4. Model safe behavior and make sure everyone looks both ways and uses established crosswalks when crossing streets

5. Save the candy until you get home. Check candy and treats weeding out gum, nut, hard candies and other choking hazards before your little one can dig in.

7. To help make children be more visible to drivers choose bright-colored costumes or add bits of reflective tape to their costumes.

8. Trick-or-treat in a group. Traveling in a pack makes everyone easier to spot to drivers.

9. Look up daytime events in your town such as parades and trick-or-treating at local shops to avoid nighttime dangers altogether. Daytime events also ensure little ones do not miss their bed time too!

What are some things you do to keep your young children safe while still enjoying all the Halloween fun?

5 Responses to 9 Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Sarah says:

    We have little arm bands that are reflective, I got them last year in the Halloween section at the store for a buck or two, and I love them! Thanks for the tips!

  2. John Perkins says:

    As a parent who makes a living in a CPR filed I’m obviously biased towards #5. I’ll add my second vote to the fact that a simple check/elimination of hard candies that pose choking dangers can save A LOT of heartache of what should be a very fun night!!

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