Halloween is such a fun time of year to craft. Pumpkins, bats, monsters, ghosts and more in varying degrees of spookiness make Halloween art and crafts perfect for any age. Really, though, toddler-friendly Halloween art and crafts are what we’re all about around here.

Halloween ink blot jack-o-lantern

Jack-o-lanterns seem to be something kids pickup on quickly, and even at a young age, they know that Halloween and jack-o-lanterns go hand in hand. This easy toddler Halloween project was so fast to pull together and even faster to make. Don’t let the simplicity of this activity fool you, your child is going to love making their jack-o-lantern. You only need a few things, and you and you’re little one are on your way to a very cute painting.

Supplies needed to make a Halloween Ink Blot Jack-o-lantern

  • White paper
  • Orange paint
  • Green paint
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker (optional)

How to make an Ink Blot Jack-o-lantern

ink blot jack-o-lantern art

1. Fold the piece of paper in half, and place a dollop of orange paint in the center of the fold.
ink blot jack-o-lantern paintings

2. Fold the paper over, sandwiching the paint in the fold, and pressing with fingers and hands spread the blob of paint around. Unfold the paper to reveal your orange ink blot.

jack-o-lantern ink blot

3. Using the paint brush paint a stem on the top of the pumpkin. Your child’s age and skill level will determine their role in this. For example, I painted the out side of the stem, and my daughter filled in the outline with green paint.

4. Using the black paint and paint brush paint on two triangle-shaped eyes, a triangle nose and a semicircle or semi-oval shaped mouth. Again, I painted the outlines of the face and my daughter filled in the shapes.

halloween ink blot painting

5. **Optional** While the paint dried, we wrote Happy Halloween on along the bottom. As per usual, she held the marker in her hand, and I guided her hand with my hand to write out the words.

Halloween jack-o-lantern ink blot art

Alternately, if you wanted to make this more of a fall or Thanksgiving craft you could skip painting on the jack-o-lantern face and maybe add a couple of green vines at the top of the pumpkin near the stem and write “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Fall.”

I have a feeling we’ll be playing around with ink blots a lot in the future.

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