Go ahead. Tell me I’m phoning it in this year. In my own defense, we’ve had a lot going on lately. Mommy’s tired. But just because my toddler MIGHT be wearing the same costume as last year doesn’t mean I’m lazy, does it? (Don’t answer.) Maybe it’s just me, but Halloween is exhausting (despite the mandatory sugar-high… I’m actually chewing on a caramel as I write this). Even when I was a kid, I was never into the costume-thing. I just wanted the candy. To get candy, one must have a costume… so that was that. I jumped through the hoop. But now I’m finding that – with kids – there’s pressure to jump through that hoop in a certain way.

“What are the girls going to be for Halloween??” my kindergarten teacher sister interrogates me. “I don’t know. It’s barely October.” I was actually planning for my toddler to wear last year’s costume until I told my sister. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” (Yes, she really yelled.)

But I swear I’m coming from a good place: Last year, we were a ladybug (by ‘we,’ I mean my just-turned-2-year-old… back then she had just turned 1 and my pregnant belly with #2 was just starting to show). Her costume was red, black and totally big on her, but it was sooooo flippin’ cute. The bubble ‘bug’ part of the ensemble was supposed to stop at her knees, but instead practically went all the way to the ground because she was so little. Our neighbors literally started laughing when they opened their doors to a tiny spotted bug blankly standing on their stoop and grasping a mini-pumpkin basket in front of her (yeah, I ate the candy… don’t judge… we only went to 3 houses). I actually started to appreciate the whole costume requirement that very night and got INTO Halloween for the first time in a long time.

Now that we have a 7-month old to also contend with… well… why buy TWO new costumes?!?I’m thinking to resurrect that tried-and-true ladybug from last year for the greater good. This time it’ll actually fit my toddler the way it’s supposed to. And, she’s not gonna remember. AND, she may even get a bigger kick out of it this year… AAAND, the antenna headband might even stay on her head. And then I can dress my little one like a bumblebee and walk around our neighborhood with a big net. Or dress like a flower.

See? It’s all part of my wicked plan.


One Response to Halloween: Am I wicked for putting my toddler in last year’s costume?

  1. Denise Gregerson says:

    My baby is 6 months old and even before I had her I was planning her first Halloween costume. I also read this article to my husband (aka Mr. Halloween himself) and he said “you can’t put a kid in the same costume 2 years in a row, that’s just being lazy!!” Part of the fun of Halloween is finding a new cute costume for your little one. If you shop online the costume even comes straight to your door. I’d reconsider putting her in the same costume if I were you.

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