This is a special guest post form Leslie Newton, founder of Timi & Leslie Diaper bags.

Planning a baby shower can be exciting but intimidating. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a few people plan it together so you can really have fun rather than be too stressed. The first thing to figure out is your theme. Once you have that, it guides everything else. Here are some fun theme ideas for throwing a fantastic baby shower!


1) Favorite Flower – One idea I really love is to find out your mom-to-be’s favorite flower and base your theme on that. For instance, if her favorite flowers were poppies, you could have a variety of beautiful poppy arrangements, even include some around your cake or cupcakes, and then use the colors of the poppies to tie everything else in.


2) Classic Children’s Story – This makes for a sweet baby shower theme. Two of my favorites are Beatrix Potter or Alice In Wonderland. You can use the actual books as part of your decorations, and then classic images from the books to inspire you. Take some of the colors and images from the stories to help tie everything together.


3) An Evening Cocktail Shower – I’ve now been to a few cocktail co-ed baby showers and they have been really fun. Make it grown up – hors d’oeuvres, both cocktails and mocktails, and by making it co-ed, the dad gets to celebrate too! (You can make any of these themes co-ed of course!!)


4) Picnic in the Park – Having a baby shower in the park is a really fun way to make it a family oriented where friends can bring their kids. Have it near a playground so kids can play. You can cover tables and the grass with cute checked picnic blankets, and have lots of yummy picnic foods including of course, lemonade! You can take the classic checked picnic blankets as your inspiration using lots of reds and/or blues.


5) Silly Shower – One of my friends went to a shower where all the women were asked to show up with pretend pregnant bellies. They played a lot of silly games like bingo, and they even had a piñata! Decorate with diapers and get a little wacky! If your mom to be has a sense of humor, you can always plan this type of silly, unique shower!

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Leslie_headshot_2010Guest Blogger:  Leslie Newton thinks being a mom is really cool even though it can be, well, you know, pretty hard. She loves doing crafts with her 4 year old and going on family outings especially when they include yummy picnics filled with delicious foods & delightful sweet treats. Leslie has been an entrepreneur since the age of 7 and is the founder of timi & leslie diaper bags. She used to perform sketch comedy at the Groundling’s in LA. She loves fashion. She loves to write. She loves to walk her two dogs. And well, seriously, she loves delightful sweet treats. Follow her @LeslieLNewton on twitter!

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