Balance Bikes continue to be a growing category for both parents and kids.

We all remember when we were younger, the day we got our first bikes and the training wheels that were on them. We remember learning to ride our bikes and having so much fun riding them. Then came the day when the training wheels came off! All of a sudden, we fell…..a lot.

When I first saw little kiddos on balance bikes I was skeptical thinking, ‘why would they need that?’ I now understand the need for them and how quickly kids learn how to balance on them and eventually learn to ride. Learning how to pedal is the easy part so when they get their ‘big kid’ bikes, they will be off in no time.

pink balance bike


There are many balance bikes that can be used by your child as early as 18 months old and up until the age of 5 that come in fun colors and designs for both boys and girls! Kids can focus on the basics of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions of pedals or training wheels.


 Have you made the switch to balance bikes? How was your child’s transition from a Balance Bike to a traditional bike once they were old enough?

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  1. Catherine says:

    We got a balance bike for our oldest. After our experience with it I’m a believer. After our daughter used her balance bike for a bit we got her a traditional bike for Christmas. It took her less than 10 minutes to put the peddling and balance pieces together and she was off and riding without help. Now that spring is here we’ve pulled out the balance bike for our youngest who is 21 months. She’s at the beginning stages of using the balance bike and mostly just walking along with it but it won’t be long before she makes the move to sitting on the seat and gliding along.

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