By around 6 months old, most babies are starting on “baby food”.  There are so many choices available at the store! And, honestly, many of them seem to be improving in terms of offering organic varieties, more flavors, etc. However, I’m a big believer that nothing is as good as homemade! Honestly making your own baby food is so easy! Really. I’ve done it for all 3 of my boys and I don’t have any super fancy equipment. There’s no big food processor, no high end blender, and no baby food making machines here. It’s easy and really doesn’t take up that much time. The added perk in making it yourself is that it’s so much cheaper! Hello money savings! So, if you’re new to making your own baby food or just want to add in some new ideas or recipes, I’m sharing a list of great resources with you today!

Homemade baby food resources

First up, I actually found that doing baby food “freezer cooking” sessions worked great for me. So, you can head on over to Mom Endeavors to see the process I used most often for first food favorites (like yams and squashes), along with an approximate cost break down.

The author of “201 Organic Baby Food Purees” actually has a whole site devoted to simple baby food recipes! So, if you’re stuck in a baby food making rut or aren’t sure where to start, this is a great resource. She even has the site broken down by age groups! I haven’t seen the book, but obviously, I’m guessing it’s full of great ideas as well!


Baby Food

The author of the Wholesome Baby Food Guide also has a great website full of great baby food recipes, ideas, and tips! The site is very comprehensive, breaking things out by food groups and age groups. Plus, there is valuable information there about food allergies, storing food, food charts, and more!




If you’re into making healthy food for kids of any age, then Weelicious is a site that you must check out. Catherine has a whole section on making homemade baby food, complete with even a recipe for homemade brown rice cereal! It’s a great resource for the whole family!


With those three sites at your disposable, you’ve got just about all the information you’d possibly need on making your own baby food! If you’ve never tried it, I really encourage you to! Great for baby and easy on the wallet! If you already are making your own, share your tips with us below!

Have you/do you make your own baby food?

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