A couple of weeks ago, I shared some gift ideas for babies. But, I didn’t want to leave the toddlers out! So, today we’ve got a list of some of my favorite gifts for the toddlers.

  1. Some sort of stand-up activity table is great to get right as baby starts making the transition to toddler. In addition to being full of fun learning activities, it helps encourage the little ones to stay standing and gives them something to walk around. That’s perfect for a new walker!
  2. Stacking blocks or other items is an important development skill to develop within the first couple of years of life. So, getting your toddler a good wooden block set is a great gift. It’s a gift that can offer years of great play! We LOVE our wooden block set around here!
  3. During the toddler years is when the kids get moved out of their cribs. Sometimes that transition can be a little rough. And, kids start developing a fear of the dark during this stage. So a twilight plush toy can be a great gift that also helps with bedtime.
  4. Books, books, books! Reading to children is so important for language development and for learning how to read themselves, so books are always good gifts for little ones! Sandra Boyton books are some of our favorites–especially for the toddler crowd!
  5. Having a music background myself, I’m a big fan of musical instrument toys. Even though they might be loud or hard on the ears sometimes, I think it’s important for kids to explore the different ways sounds can be made. As a former percussionist, I’m rather partial to the traditional little xylophone toys!
  6. Toddlers certainly aren’t ready to start being able to tell time. But exposing them to the concept certainly can’t hurt. Last year, we got our 4 year old this Teach Me Time clock, but even our 2 year old likes it! It’s great in the mornings as a color-change indicates when it’s ok to get up! My boys now actually stick to this and know they can’t get out of bed until their clock is green!
  7. In this digital age, chances are even babies & young toddlers are playing with your smart phone and/or tablet. So, a fun apptivity case that makes it easier for little hands to hold on to while providing some protection for your device is a great way to go!
  8. Puzzles are great for developing so many different skills. For toddler beginners, my favorites are the ones with chunky puzzle pieces that are easy for little hands to hold.

What are YOUR favorite gift ideas for toddlers?

2 Responses to Great Gift Ideas for Toddlers!

  1. I really want to get an activity table for my toddler. His toys are everywhere and it would be nice to see him occupied in one place once in a while!

  2. My son loves his drum and any musical instrument as well! Haven’t tried the xylophone yet…..

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