Who says you can't look fabulous the third time around?

Who says you can’t look fabulous the third time around?

I am a planner. From my daily routine to vacations to how far apart we wanted our kids. Both our boys were conceived with some help from Clomid, so we were even able to plan when we wanted to get pregnant. After our second son turned 1, we felt our family was complete and were pretty much on the done train. So you can imagine our surprise when those two pink lines told us we were pregnant with baby #3!

I NEVER thought we would have a surprise pregnancy…EVER! It just wasn’t likely, or at least that’s what we were told by our doctor. But it looks like God had other plans, and we are excited to welcome another little baby into our family come January 2015.

In honor of announcing our third pregnancy, I thought I would re-visit some of my posts from my second pregnancy.


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! HAD NO IDEA. (From someone who’s had *two* surprise pregnancies… enjoy.) 🙂 Many, many blessings beautiful lady. 🙂

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