We were asked what the one thing we want to do with our children is before they grow up, and only one thing came to mind for me. I want to take them to as many places as possible. But more so, I want them to travel – with or without me. I don’t necessarily have to do it with them, but I have to do it for them.

It seems like a common goal for all of the Right Start Moms. We want our kids to see the whole world. It makes me so happy to be among parents with similar ideals. But many parents – those who probably grew up never leaving their home state – don’t find the same importance.

I was lucky to have parents who encouraged me to go, even though traveling was not something we could afford to do as a family. Between the ages of 10 and 15 I traveled to several different states and visited two very different countries. Most of those trips were through school or church. And my mother spent many of her weekends helping me fundraise for those trips to make sure I could go on them.

Back then I thought it was amazing that my mom showed up to every car wash with me, and baked goodies for every bake sale. But that wasn’t the hard part for her. As a parent now I realize the hardest part was letting her daughter leave on an airplane alone (with supervision, though) for a whole week. And not being able to go on those adventures with her. Of course I would want to travel the world with my kids, but if that wasn’t feasible I would still want them to be able to do it.


While they’re young we stick to places close by. But even still, there are so many things to see and learn about in our own country. We’ve driven our kids across the country and back on more than one occasion. We stop in different cities, we visit historic sites and I like to think they learn a few things. But they thoroughly enjoy it, and I’m just waiting the day one of them asks me to help them fundraiser for a trip to – I don’t know – Australia. I will bake a million cookies if that’s what gets them there.

Do you think it’s important for kids to travel as much as possible? 

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