Picture 1321It all started Mother’s Day of 2009. I sat my then three year old and five month old on a chair in the living room in an attempt to get a good picture of them together. It only took a few funny faces and silly voices to get it. They were both smiling and looking at the camera – a feat in itself. I eagerly framed the picture and gave it to my mother as a gift.

Ever since then I’ve tried numerous times to get a picture as genuine and adorable as that one. Unfortunately, three and a half years later it still hasn’t happened. Usually they’re looking in different directions, moving around, or making a weird face.

I’ve tried it all; funny faces, silly words (including the word “poopy”), waving my hands around, making weird noises, and even bribery. Nothing has worked so far.


I’ve kind of admitted defeat in that department. Instead of stressing over getting the perfect picture these days, I’m more interested in getting a picture that is representative of their personalities.

Maybe one of them is making a weird face or looking away in an otherwise picturesque setting – it doesn’t have to ruin the photo. It’s always a little quirky around here, so why should all of our pictures be cookie-cutter?

After I spent a good 20 minutes bribing, begging and making a fool out of myself in the middle of the mall the other day I finally realized that. I quickly looked through my pictures to see if I had any non-blurry ones that would be acceptable and I was pleased at what I had captured. Two brothers in a happy moment, one looking up at the other. They were excited to see Santa together.

Instead of leaving the mall full of exasperation and defeat I left with two giddy boys who were about to get sticky from mini candy canes and a camera roll full of pictures that represented them perfectly.

Do you always try to get the “perfect” picture or do you just take one in the moment?

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2 Responses to Getting the perfect holiday picture

  1. I am SO in the same boat! I only have one squirmy active boy to try and get a non blurry photo of…I can’t imagine two!

    When I was young my brother was KNOWN for purposely ruining family pictures with crazy sadistic faces. FInally my mom started charging him for each photo he “ruined.” The funny thing is I can still recall this one family photo with him doing this seriously crazy face and it cracks me up everytime. Now would I still have such a vivid recollection of that photo if he had been smiling? Probably not. 😉

  2. I just take a picture in the moment…actually, now it’s become my goal to always get the most ridiculously goofy one I can find. There’s no way it’ll ever be perfect, so may as well laugh at yourself in the process!

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