Getting in shape post baby

My new running shoes!

After my first baby it wasn’t until Little Man was 9 months old that I began caring about losing the baby weight. I am not one to exercise. In fact, I really don’t care for it at all. Getting in shape post baby for me was actually about just wanting to have more of a wardrobe selection than my maternity pants. This time around, I am finding it even harder to muster the motivation to lose at least some of the weight.

When I tried to add in some type of exercise routine on top of my daily schedule it seemed almost impossible. How would I ever find a way to get both of my kids watched so I could work out? I could work out at night but by nighttime I am so exhausted all I want is a glass of wine and an episode of Castle (don’t judge!). But after nine months of putting it off I finally found a few ways to get motivated and get moving.

  1. I bought a good sports bra. Come to think of it, buy some new workout clothes while you’re at it! One of my excuses was that I literally didn’t have a single piece of clothing to wear to my work out. Add in the fact that my nursing boobs were no match for any sports bra I may have had in my drawer, and I was never going to get on the treadmill. So I finally splurged on some spandex and now I have no excuse… until they get dirty.
  2. I found a gym with childcare – This was HUGE! I am not a morning person and by 7 pm I would rather be lying on the couch than on a yoga mat. Frankly, sleep will always win over working out, so I needed to find an option where someone would watch my kids during the day. 24 Hour Fitness came to the rescue and now Little Man BEGS to go to their Kids Club. If I say we are going to the gym that afternoon he will hold me to it or I will suffer through a tantrum. He’s become my best accountability partner. Not to mention 4-5 pm has become my kids bewitching hour and Kids Club has given me a nice reprieve before the bustle of dinner and bedtime routines.
  3. I exercise with my kid – Of course you can’t always get childcare, so finding ways to get your heart rate up with the kids in tow is essential. I have found playing running games, letting Little Man sit on my back during push-ups or playing airplane with Punkin while doing crunches all help. Stroller Strides also had some great tips for working out with your child.
  4. I keep challenging myself – I find it hard to push myself on an ongoing basis. So, in an effort to not get bored I try to do one class a week to keep things interesting. My gym offers Zumba, spinning, and Nike training Club all free with my membership.
  5. When in doubt, I GET HELP – Another excuse I had was my lack of knowledge. What on earth do I DO once I get to the gym!? That’s where a personal trainer or some smaller group classes can help. When I started working out again I took Cardio Barre which was extremely difficult but gave me some great techniques I can use in my personal workouts.

What tips do you have for staying motivated to workout?

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