I LOVE getting creative with food! In fact, it’s one of my favorite creative outlets! It’s amazing how excited kids get by just making a few creative changes to their meal! Making fun, creative foods can actually be a great way to get picky eaters to try new things. And, getting creative in the kitchen is a fun way to fight the “summer boredom” blues with kids! So, I rounded up a few of my favorite summer fun food ideas that you can make with (or for) the kids. There’s a mix of sweet treats and healthier options with some colors & themes that just seem perfect for summer! Summer Fun Foods for Kids

    1. Summer Sunshine Cupcakes
    2. Rainbow Cookies ‘n Milk
    3. Watermelon Lady Bugs
    4. Crab Cakes Cupcakes
    5. Crabby Sandwich
    6. Fishing cupcakes
    7. Octopus Veggie Dip & Beach Ball Fruit Pizza
    8. Beach Sundaes
    9. Jello cookies
    10. Ice Cream Grilled Cheese
    11. Ice Cream Shark Sandwiches
    12. “Silly Squid”

Aren’t those all so fun?! I think kids would LOVE just about any of those!! And, if you have kids that are Monsters fans and you’ve seen (or are planning on going soon to) the new Monsters University movie, then they would probably love some fun Mike & Sulley foods!! How about these Monsters pops?! They’re perfect for the summer movie that is sweeping box offices right now!Mike & Sulley Monsters Pops

And, if you’re looking for some classic summer red, white, & blue fun foods, be sure to check out the patriotic fun foods post! Fun Patriotic Food for the Fourth!

Which of these fun summer foods would YOUR kids like the best? 


Sara Wellensiek is a mom of 3 little guys who hung up her high school biology teacher lab coat in order to spend more time at home with them. When she’s not playing dinosaurs, cars, or doing a million other “mom” things, you can find her blogging at Mom Endeavors or chatting on Twitter and Facebook.

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