Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? We’re not Irish (though I did spend one amazing St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland!), so we don’t really celebrate the day. But, I do love any excuse for a little fun. For St. Patrick’s Day, that usually involves some green attire and possibly some fun green or Leprechaun related food! So, here are some fun food ideas that are sure to make your St. Patrick’s day shamROCK! 😉St. Patrick's Day Fun Foods

You can make just about anything “St. Patrick’s Day-ish” by using a little green food coloring or using some Lucky Charms cereal! 😉 All perfect for fun treats. Here are a few easy options along those lines to whip up:

  1. Shamrock cake pops
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Covered Oreos
  3. Leprechaun Crunch

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons always has adorable fun kid-food ideas and she certainly delivers for St. Patrick’s Day with Leprechaun Ice Cream Cones AND a Leprechaun Lunch! After your little Leprechauns have had their fun, why not serve up some rainbow trifles? Perfect for Leprechauns hunting for pots of gold!

Shamrock Shake CupcakesOne very popular item this time of year is the “Shamrock Shake”! You could go the copycat homemade shake route or for those watching calories, you could try a sugar free shake option. Or you could do a different twist altogether and make shamrock shake cupcakes like the ones shown above!

Corned Beef & CabbageThen of course, if you are looking for something that has become a rather traditional St. Patrick’s Day option, you could try our crock pot corned beef & cabbage recipe! I guarantee the kids won’t think it’s as fun as shamrock shakes or green cake pops, but it sure is tasty! So, you can serve it up for dinner and then have some of the fun treats above for dessert! 😉

Do YOU make/serve any fun foods for St. Patrick’s Day?

4 Responses to Fun St. Patrick’s Day food ideas for kids

  1. Kimberly Sneed says:

    What fun ideas! I bet the St. Patrick’s day in Ireland was a blast. What an awesome opportunity!

  2. I love the chocolate covered oreos – pretty easy and they always look so great at a part or as a gift.

  3. malia says:

    Thank so much for including my Leprechaun Crunch! I am honored!

  4. […] Fun right?! And, if you’re looking for some fun themed treats to go with your craft-making session, don’t miss out on these St. Patrick’s Day fun food ideas! […]

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