Are the Holiday festivities in full swing yet at your house? They are here! One of the things that I love doing around all the different holidays is making fun foods with and/or for the kiddos. After all, “edible crafts” are some of the best kinds to make! So, here are 12 ideas sure to inspire some holiday baking fun with the kids:

  1. Anything “Santa” is definitely a hit with kids this time of year, so these Santa Hat brownies are perfect!
  2. How cute are those reindeer cake pops?! I’m sure the kids would have blast with those!
  3. Snowman oreo pops! If you haven’t tried oreo pops, you really should! They are SO easy to make and kids LOVE them!
  4. An edible Christmas tree is perfect for even the littlest of holiday “bakers”. My little guy made that one at preschool last year!
  5. Those Chinese Christmas trees are another fun way to go! Kids could have fun putting all the decorations (aka sprinkles) on the dipped noodles.
  6. What kid doesn’t love presents?! So, why not make some Chrismas present cupcakes?!
  7. Sometimes the fun foods are all about presentation. You can make a holiday classic like chex mix (this one is white chocolate peppermint) and serve it in a cute way! I LOVE the reindeer presentation.
  8. Snowflake pretzels might look fancy, but they really are quite simple. My oldest even helped make them!
  9. You could have your treat serve two purposes–a place setting and something to eat! Well, these edible snow globes are too cute–something kiddos would love to have at their table!
  10. Muffin tin meals are so much fun to make and great for kids. I made a Christmas version, complete with Rudolph waffles.
  11. With these bonbon cookies, it’s all about the fun surprise inside! Super fun for the whole family.
  12. Last but not least, how about some simple Christmas tree brownies? Kids of just about any age could participate in decorating their own brownie tree!

What fun holiday treats do YOU make with the kids?

One Response to Fun Holiday Food Ideas for Kids

  1. Catherine says:

    You’re right the snowflakes do look fancy and so fun too!

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