Frugal and fun activities to do with kids on Valentine's Day I adore Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s all the pink and hearts, maybe it’s that love is in the air….or maybe it’s because it’s also my birthday. 😉 Either way I always like to make it special with my kiddos.

Here’s a few ideas of fun ways to celebrate the day of love with your kids.

  1. Have a Valentine’s Day-themed play date – I’ve done this before where we all met up at a park for a Valentine party. Each mom brought something different: themed craft, treats, drinks, decor, party favors. Each child got to bring Valentines to exchange with their friends! They loved it, and since most of the kids weren’t yet in school it gave them a sense of the holiday.
  2. Make your own bow and arrows – Go hunting outside for some sticks and make your very own bow and arrow. I love this craft from Fresh Mommy Blog.Fresh mommy blog
  3. Go visit a Convalescent Home – Our moms group did this two years ago, and it was a HUGE hit! The kids had made Valentines ahead of time and had learned a few songs to sing. We congregated with the elderly residents and passed out treats and handmade cards. The kids sang a song, and the older folks were clapping right along. It was precious to see how loved it made the residents feel, and they adored hugging those sweet kiddos.
  4. Heart Scavenger Hunt – cut out hearts from construction paper and put fun affirmations or jokes on them. Hide them all around the house and have your littles run around finding them.
  5. Make a fun themed breakfast – from heart-shaped pancakes to these adorable heart potatoes. The ideas are endless!Frugal and fun activities with kids for Valentine's Day
  6. Drive around and deliver handmade Valentines – everyone appreciates Valentines, from your Starbucks barista to that special aunt. Drive around delivering those cute handmade Valentines with your little one all decked out in red or pink.

What fun activities do you do with your kiddos on Valentine’s Day?

One Response to Frugal and Fun Activities to do with Kids for Valentine’s Day

  1. Adorable ideas, I will do these activities with me kids.
    I think they will love making Valentines and also we’ll make the dinner and after will have the romantic slow dance 😉
    Hope my suggestions will help you and your readers.

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