My Dearest Daughter,

Millions of words have been written on the subject of love. These are just my few to you. The essential simplicity of true love makes it impossible to capture in something as crude as a man-made language, yet it is that same essential simplicity, which compels us to try. And I must try. When I had decided I wanted to be a mom, I imagined the love I would have for my child. I imagined it would be different from any love I’d felt before. Exactly how and how much different it would be is, I believe, outside the scope of any woman’s imagination.

Motherhood is love like you never knew // blog,

The first time I laid eyes on you I fell madly, deeply in love with you. Your presence became an immediate necessity. You were a new element on my periodic table, as essential to my life as hydrogen and oxygen. You were a new moon, a new sun in my solar system forever altering the ebb and flow, light and darkness, seasons of my life. It was as though a veil which I had never known was before my eyes had been lifted, as though there were spaces in my heart, which I had never known existed were filled. The entire essence of my being was transformed. I was in love with you.

A Valentines to my Daughter //

And as you’ve grown from beautiful blob of newborn baby to running, twirling, chattering, laughing two-year-old my love for you has grown. Everyday you prove the dramatic elasticity of the heart. Everyday I reflect on you, a shining, little mirror which shows me the best and worst of myself. And for no one more than you I strive to be my best. When I feel lost, you are my compass. You make me bolder, braver, stronger than I ever thought I could be. You are my greatest adventure. With you, because of you, I am an explorer venturing into the most mysterious places within the human heart.

Let's Play //

My love for you is wild and wondrous. Always and in all ways, I love you.
All My Love,

2 Responses to For Valentine’s Day: A Love Letter to My Daughter

  1. Stacie jo says:

    Oh Melissa, you beautifully captured the essence of Motherhood with words.

  2. How incredibly moving! I loved this post.

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