Father’s Day is right around the corner and thankfully, we’ve got some great dads in our lives to thank. I didn’t think about much growing up, but now as a mom (and a mom of all boys at that) I really know how important it is for kiddos to have great men in their life. I want my boys to have good examples and role models–men they can look up to and learn from. Thankfully, our family is really lucky. Not only do they have one great-grandpa still living, but they have two wonderful grandpas and a great daddy. Thank you, Dad!In these fine men and dads, my boys have examples of just about everything I’d like them to be. Men who are ok being silly (who will dress up in Halloween costumes, wear funny hats, or do silly dances), but who are strict and stern when they need to be; men who are caring and gentle, but know how to do some good rough-housing; men who know the value of hard work to provide for their families, but also know the value of family time and play; men who know how to have fun with “the boys”, but know how to treat their wives (there’s a combined 79 years of marriage between the three)! I love that these are the examples for my boys!

So, to my dad, my father-in-law, and my husband, THANK YOU for being great men, fabulous dads, and wonderful examples to the most important little guys in our lives. Happy Father’s Day!

Who are you thankful for on Father’s Day?

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  1. […] more worthy of celebration than the guy who will always rescue you, kill spiders for you, sets a good example for your children, and knows his way around the kitchen?  I love to read holiday related books with my girls. It […]

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