Pregnancy can bring all sorts of questions. What do I do now? Can I eat that? Do I need to buy elastic jeans? I remember running out and buying the first book on pregnancy I could find. I just wanted to dive into anything I could learn about pregnancy and what to do. Since going through two pregnancies thus far, allow me to share some necessities to have on hand in those first few weeks that can set you up for a great pregnancy. Plus, buying some pregnancy stuff always got me excited and made it feel more real.

Prenatal Vitamins – This should be the first thing you buy. A good prenatal vitamin with folic acid and DHA is essential for the healthy development of the baby. You will take this throughout your entire pregnancy and usually the entire time you’re nursing. If you are unsure of which brands to trust or what exactly to take, call your doctor. He or she will probably have some specific recommendations.

The No No Foods – This is another thing you need to educate yourself on pronto. It wasn’t until halfway through my first pregnancy that I learned I wasn’t supposed to be having nitrates. UGG! There goes my favorite brand of bacon. A great place to start is the Food Safety website.

Anti-nausea remedies – Most pregnant women suffer from nausea in the first trimester. There are lots of remedies such as Preggie Pops, accupressure wrist bands, peppermint oil and ginger that all claim to help ease morning sickness. I always had some sort of hard candy on hand to suck on, which usually kept the nausea at bay. Find what works for you and consult your doctor with any concerns.


Bella Band – For some women, they don’t seem to pop out until well into their second trimester. Unfortunately for me, I popped out immediately and needed a little assistance until I was ready to commit to wearing my maternity pants. The Bella Band was great at keeping my pants secure and holding in my growing stomach. Plus, it helped me hide the bump until I was ready to share with friends.

Bella Band

Belly Balm – The minute that bump appears, you are going to want to slather on some super-strength lotion. As your belly grows, it will ITCH! The skin is expanding, and it’s only natural to feel increasingly itchy around the midsection. To protect from stretch marks, and for your own comfort, use a safe and effective moisturizer, such as The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm.

HonestBellyBalm lo res

What could you not live without in your first trimester?

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