I am the mother of boys. That has been my identity for over 10 years. My Halloweens have been filled with super heroes and dragons, capes and swords.

Last year, my unexpected daughter was born and I suspect my Halloweens will never be the same.

princess halloween

Last Halloween was a milestone in my family. It was my daughter’s first Halloween but I had a “first” of my own too. It was my first Halloween as the mother of a daughter. . . a holiday I fondly called my first princess Halloween.

Each Halloween I  used to look longingly at the delicate little girl costumes before my boys pulled me back to the monsters and swords — some complete with fake blood.

I think I became girlier every year I parented a house full of boys. My mother probably loved seeing me get in touch with my feminine side after the number of times she told me something “wasn’t lady-like” growing up.

This little girl has no idea how long I waited to buy a princess costume.



My first princess Halloween was a dream. My boys, who were formerly afraid of the color pink, even came around and decided that few things are cuter then a baby princess.

Do you have any Halloween “firsts” this year?

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  1. Oh my what a cutie! I think the Lord has kept me from having a girl just so we won’t go broke buying all those cute frilly outfits. 🙂

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