Do you have a vision of your “perfect” Mother’s Day? Do you have gift preferences, maybe flowers and jewelry? A day all to yourself? A sentimental gift? Something handmade? A fun day out with the family? One of our Right Start moms just shared her top Mother’s Day gift picks. And, that’s where my poor husband ran into problems on my first Mother’s Day. See, a lot of those ideas weren’t what I wanted.Mother's Day DisappointmentSad, right? I know. It’s sounds petty and picky. But, it’s what happened. My first Mother’s Day was just 5 short weeks after my little guy was born and after having a really rough go with breastfeeding , I’m not sure that I was in a very good place emotionally yet. Looking back, I’m wondering if I had some post-partum depression going on and if not, then it was certainly a bad case of baby blues. I was stressed out, emotional, anxious, and we had A LOT going on in our lives at that time.

Mother’s Day weekend, we were also celebrating my husband receiving his doctorate. It was a big deal and our WHOLE family was in town. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything grandiose for Mother’s Day. But from the majority of our family, the fact that it was my first Mother’s Day went completely unnoticed.  And, I was SO disappointed. My sweet husband got me a nice bouquet of my favorite flowers and a massage gift card…and then I cried. Seriously. A post-partum, emotional mess!

I KNOW so many ladies that would LOVE a gift like that. But, the issue was it wasn’t what I was expecting (that’s the problem with having expectations, right?!)! See, while some gals want flowers, jewelry, clothes, or a day at the spa, I didn’t want any of those things. I wanted something sentimental…something to represent having just becoming a mom. I wanted something like a Willow Tree sculpture of a mom and baby, a special handprint of my newborn little guy, a metal stamped necklace with his name on it, a professional newborn/family photo session. Both my husband and my mom know that I like sentimental stuff and normally do so great with gifts, but I didn’t get anything like that from anyone. And, I was so disappointed. After a good cry & some communication with my husband, I’m pleased to say that most years since then have been much more up my alley! 😉

My advice for avoiding Mother’s Day disappoint? Two options…1. have no expectations or preferences going in, so you’ll be surprised/happy with anything or 2. Communicate with your family ahead of time about the kind of day/gifts you’d like.

Have you ever experienced Mother’s Day disappointment?

3 Responses to First Mother’s Day Disappointment

  1. jillsimonian says:

    I get what you’re saying! That “first” Mother’s Day can bring disappointed expectations… expectations that we didn’t even know that we had until the day’s is over! It seems like Mother’s Day used to be a ‘day’ where sending a card, and maybe flowers, was the norm. Now, we’ve gotten ourselves all jacked up with expectations larger than what they should be! (Myself included!) 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    I haven’t had any disappointments yet. I think mostly because all I usually ask for is a nap or help planting the garden. Both are pretty easy to give and get.

  3. All I ask for every year is a clean house and a chance to take a nap or read in silence for a while. I always get frustrated when I end up cleaning the house myself because my family doesn’t get that I really honestly want one day where someone else scrubs the toilet. I guess I need to be better about communicating because Mother’s Day always stresses me out.

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