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This is a First Holiday Moment sent in from Cheryl, Edward, & Baby Evan

What better way to get on Santa’s good boy list than to dress up as Santa?!  3 month-old Evan Cameron from Mokena, Illinois, was all smiles when he met Santa for the very first time.  Evan actually couldn’t wait to meet Santa that he decided he would arrive just over a month early so he could be big enough to fit into his Santa outfit in time for hist very first Christmas.  Born a 35-week premie, he wanted to make sure he could show off all his newly acquired talents to Santa, such as how well he has been practicing holding his head up during tummy time… anything he can do to prove to Santa that he’s been a very good boy.  He surely has been a blessing and the very best Christmas gift for Mommy and Pop.

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Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 12.27.35 PMFirst Holiday Moments entry #9 from Cheryl, Edward, & Baby Evan

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  1. Catherine says:

    My goodness, Evan is precious!

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