This is a First Holiday Moment from Hannah Dinkel, Denver, CO 

Fall is my time of year. My birthday is in the fall, and there is just something I love so much about pumpkins, crunching leaves, and cool weather. I look forward to this time of year more than any other time of year! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate. I love spooky stories and scary decorations, and of course all of the adorable little Trick-or-Treaters! Naturally, when I became a mother, I wanted to share this special time for me with my baby, and hopefully make it their favorite time of year, too. Well, I am well on my way to just that!

My son was born October 1, 2011. Guess what his first outfit ever was? That’s right-pumpkin jammies, complete with bat socks and of course, a pumpkin hat!  He is my pumpkin baby, and I am sure he was the first baby in the hospital that year to sport any sort of Halloween apparel! I was too tired and still healing after a difficult delivery to partake in any of my favorite fall activities last year, so I waited until this year. First activity was a corn maze! My son, Asher had a great time gnawing on corn and crawling around getting us lost. What a fun memory! Next was the pumpkin patch on the same grounds a few weeks later. I am glad we have a jogging stroller because the patch was pretty rough terrain even with a good stroller, but Asher had fun on the bumpy ride. He initially chose a gross, dead, moldy pumpkin but settled on a very Cinderella-esque squash that Mama helped him choose. Later that day we rode a barrel train and Asher got to meet a huge steer!

He loved sitting on him and had a wonderful day of firsts. Then, over my birthday weekend, we took him to the Denver Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo celebration. Asher wore a costume for the first time and had a great time trick-or-treating and seeing all of the costumes and of course the animals! His favorite are always the fish. Everyone loved his viking costume and his longship, he was born to be a viking because of all of that red hair! My pumpkin baby had a wonderful season of firsts, and we of course got some great shots along the way!

 First Holiday Moments submission entry #2  Hannah Dinkel and her son Asher.

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