As of last week, I now know for sure that my toddler does in fact belong to me. One of our own ‘first holiday moments’ from last year has recently revisited us… eating pumpkin pie.

Last week, as I was putting her dinner in front of my 2 year old, she assertively stated out of nowhere “I NEED pumpkin pie!” No one was talking about pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie wasn’t being shown on TV, and we certainly haven’t had any pumpkin pie since last year.

I tried not to laugh my head off, and started investigating: “You NEED pumpkin pie or you WANT pumpkin pie?”

“I NEED it Mommy…” she replied, in a softer tone. She was very serious about it. Almost rational, even.

“I know what you mean,” I told her. “But we don’t have any pumpkin pie right now. We will soon. I promise.” Truth is, I need pumpkin pie too.

Thanks Cheesecake Factory. You tied us over ’til T-Day.

Don’t ask me how she know that it’s again ‘pumpkin pie season,’ but she knows. The last time she had pumpkin pie was last year… when she had just turned one year old. It was Thanksgiving (obviously) and pumpkin pie was the ONLY thing she ate despite how I busted my butt to make (yes, make!) an extensive turkey dinner for about 16 family members at our house. Forget my ooey-gooey potatoes, forget my homemade cranberry relish, forget my savory turkey that I was so nervous about… she needed pumpkin pie. Last year’s pumpkin pie was really the first time I gave her free-reign to eat as much dessert as she wanted and she ATE IT UP (literally and figuratively). My family still talks about how she scooped it into her mouth at lightening speed without missing a drop and then asked for “more” and “more” every 3 minutes. And we gave it to her like a bunch of servants encircling her and watching her every move. It was too funny not to.

Well, a year later she hasn’t forgotten the bliss. She still associates my cousin Jamie (who joined us on that particular Thanksgiving) with pumpkin pie. In fact, she asked about Jamie right after she demanded the pumpkin pie from me last week. It’s like she’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for this time of year to roll back around again. She even got me the mood… so much that I became obsessed with not wanting to wait another week to have pumpkin pie myself and used my own mom’s birthday to hit up The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate all-things-pumpkin a few weeks early. (Have you had their pumpkin cheesecake?!? There are no words.)

And, pumpkin has a bunch of vitamins and good stuff so if it’s baked into a pie in one form or another, it’s a perfect dessert to go hog-wild on… right? Right. Technically, we all NEED pumpkin pie. Leave it to a toddler to remind you of the facts. I’m guessing she’ll tip off her little 8-month old sister pretty soon, too.


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