It never feels like Christmas to me until we decorate our tree. With a baby in the house this year, it was even more exciting. I wish I could take the expression on her face when she first saw the lights on the tree and bottle it. It was pure joy.

First Christmas

We have a tradition of getting each child a new Christmas ornament every year and my older kids were thrilled to help their baby sister pick out her very first ornament.

She was curious about it. Then I’m pretty sure she just wanted to eat it, but my kids really got into the spirit of Christmas as they “helped her” choose her ornament.

first Christmas

As an adult, it’s easy to forget to celebrate the simple things, but those little moments are really what make up our lives.

I remembered that as we decorated the tree this year and anytime I was tempted to speed along the process I held myself back and reminded myself that these holidays where my kids are young are numbered. The small things, like decorating the Christmas tree are what they are going to remember.

My baby won’t have any memory of her first tree decorating party but my older kids were so excited that I’m sure they will be happy to share the story of her first Christmas with her over and over again.

Do you have a special first holiday memory to share? Share it with us and enter to win some great prizes as part of the First Holiday Moments contest.

2 Responses to First Holiday Moments: First Tree Decorating

  1. What a cute ornament! Tell your kids good choice!

  2. So sweet! We always buy an ornament from our travels. This year the kids went to New York for their very first time so they will put up a red apple ornament they picked out in New York City!

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