This is a Holiday First Moment from Kathryn Flamme
I grew up in the mountains where it snowed heavily each and every year. I was there 19 years and loved the snow. I moved away and have missed the snow every year since. My husband and I decided to buy a house and built our first home in the hot desert to raise our kids there. As everyone knows the desert is hot and snow is never expected.I have always wanted my kids to experience snow for the first time but getting back up to the mountains was not in our plans anytime soon because of our busy lifestyle and constant traveling around the world.

One year it snowed out of know where and I was extremely shocked and excited at the same time! My kids were like ” what is that stuff?” I quickly bundled them up and let them play in the snow. They couldn’t get enough and stayed out side all day playing. We used trashcan lids to sled down our steep driveway, made snowmen, caught snowflakes on our tongues, had a snowball fight and yes we made snow cones! It was the most memorable “First Snow” the kids and I had together.

First Holiday Moments entry #3 Kathryn Flamme from and

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