This First Holiday Moment was sent in from Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

The first time we bundled up our little girl to introduce her to the snow, my husband was so excited to go out and play with her! She was 7 months
old. We took her out and just smiled at how cute she looked, took a few pictures and within 5 minutes of being outside I tapped her tummy to get her to sit down in the snow for a few more pictures. Not realizing how fluffy and light the snow was and how stiff she was in her massive snow suit she fell completely down on her back and a fluff of snow just flew up and over her. She was totally white washed…her face was covered!! I felt terrible! Those 5 minutes were the only time her snow suit was used that year.

First Holiday Moments entry #5 sent in from Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

3 Responses to First Holiday Moments: First Snowsuit

  1. Oh, she’s a cutie! Infant snow suits never seem to get used much but they are too cute to pass up.

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  3. […] First Christmas without Cancer 2. Santa Baby 3. First Snow Suit 4. Crying Santa Photo 5. First Halloween Face […]

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