This is a First Holiday Moment sent in from Los Angeles, California

Halloween is a day where children’s imaginations and creativity can be celebrated. Last year, 12 months old and bundled up as a teddy bear, our little guy just observed this festivity of sweets. This year he learned what pillaging for candy was all about. Dressed as a Viking, he participated in his first Halloween.

Our day began at a fair where he romped around the gardens with a balloon sword and a painted face. Considering it was his first face painting experience, he sat so still. Occasionally he turned his eyes to catch a glance of me smiling. He paraded his scar, beard and handlebar mustache as if he had a new defining sense of Viking self.

After a needed nap at home and a freshly painted face, we walked down a church isle hand-in-hand to find our seats in the dark. Candlelight lit the stage and we snuggled on a pew to watch the silhouette of an organist play songs from Harry Potter and the Adams Family.  Captivated by the live music, my son pointed at the organist with many “Ohh’s.” After the concert, we headed out for an evening of sweet adventures.


With each new home, dressed to light the pathways of pattering feet, he would point at the candlelit pumpkins with an expressive “ohh” or “ball?” Courageously he held the hand of Minnie Mouse and was led the way by Harry Potter to learn the ways of trick-or-treating. After we split a mini Snickers bar, he caught on quick to the fact that sweet edible things were being dropped into his bag and he wanted “more.” It was a day we will remember because our little Viking and his first experiences made it that much more exciting.


First Holiday Moments entry #4 sent in from Los Angeles, CA

6 Responses to First Holiday Moments: First Halloween Face Painting

  1. Karina says:

    This is the cutest story ever and a super cute momma and baby that so happens to be my sister and handsome nephew! Wish we could’ve joined u on your Viking adventures…we were with u in heart from Texas!!

  2. Karen Arana says:

    He is soooo cute! What a great mommy and son experience! Time spent with our children is precious!!!

  3. John Arana Jr. says:

    This is a moving story, well written and full of captivating expressions. I am greatly moved by the story and also moved by this company that highlights such a healthy wholesome experience and story that I am sure moves every one that reads it. I am now a fan of this company! I love this idea.

  4. Karen Margrethe Jakobsen says:

    Hej Sheila
    Tak for din søde fortælling.Mathias ser faktisk helt stolt ud. Som om han ved, at det her er noget helt særligt.
    Det er det jo også. Nu er han 2 år og mere bevidst. Vi glæder os over, at vi får mere og mere verbal kontakt
    med charmetrolden.
    Du er altså bare dygtig og kreativ. Jeg husker også dit Gandalfkostume til Thomas.
    Kærlige hilsener til jer alle Farfar og farmor

  5. Blanche and John Sr says:

    I thought it was very unique and playful. It was exciting to see our great Grandson celebrate such an activiry.
    Loved the picture and his expression of enjoyment. He fits right in with being a little viking and true to our scandinavian heritage. God Bless!

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