Living in the desert Southwest, we don’t get to experience the season changes and holiday weather in the normal way/time frame. So, it’s been special when we go back to the Midwest in the fall or winter (to visit family) and the boys gets to experience firsts–like their first fall leaves.

As babies, they can’t obviously do too much with the leaves. Thankfully, none of the boys has tried to eat them. Though, they have each been rather fascinated with the leaves. The texture of the dried ones is great to crunch. Plus, the colors are sometimes so vibrant! Baby Brother seemed quite interested in them on our trip this past week! ;)

I love those true first moments in the fall leaves– they’re great for photographing. I think there is something just so especially cute about babies in all the quintessential seasonal/holiday scenes! But, it was more fun when the older boys had their first jumping in the fall leaves moments! There is something that just screams “childhood” about jumping in a giant pile of freshly raked leaves!

It was such a fun “first” for our oldest boys that they didn’t even realize that they were working! They helped Grandma & Grandpa rake up the whole yard, all while getting some fun fall leaves play time as well!

Do YOU have a favorite fall holidays first?



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