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This is a First Holiday Moment sent in from Kelly, C.J., and Hadley

We are first time parents, so there are many firsts this year!  We were so excited to get a picture of our daughter, Hadley (age 10.5 months) sitting on Santa’s lap!  (what first time parent is not excited about that?!)  I found a cute outfit at one of our local shops, with “Oh what fun” embroidered on it, along with a pair of really cute leg warmers.  I could not wait to get her in this outfit!  We had an appointment to see Santa at 5pm.  This is a rough time of day for Hadley anyways…so I was a little apprehensive about how it was going to go.  Did I mention she is a strong willed little girl, who is also a mama’s girl with crazy strong separation anxiety!?  Well, that is who Hadley is at this time of her little life, and these moments make us smile (most days!), especially when they are caught on film with a man so magical!  This is what happens when you add Santa to the mix!  We will look at this picture every year and smile!
This is First Holiday Moment #10 sent in from Kelly, C.J., and Hadley

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3 Responses to First Holiday Moments: Crying Santa Photo

  1. Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media says:

    That is an adorable photo! Crying Santa photos are secretly my favorite.

  2. Renee Seado says:

    Since Hadley is my granddaughter, I think this is the cutest picture ever!!!! But in attempting to be objective, I do believe that taking in the darling outfit, Hadley’s expression and the patient and kind face of Santa, that this photo brings in everything that a first Holiday picture could ask for!!!!!

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