This is a First Holiday Moment sent in from Tracy Faris, Carlsbad CA

As a new mom I couldn’t wait for Baby’s First Christmas. I had this vision of how it would all turn out and be magical. Lucky enough, it was! I wanted to capture it all on film to show my daughter how wonderful her first holiday was. I planned out what she would wear and where we would take pictures. The main picture I wanted to get right was her first time meeting Santa Claus. I went to a few different malls looking for the “perfect Santa”.  I finally found him and he was great!

I dressed my daughter in a cream outfit with a red bow on it and she looked like a little gift. We sat her in Santa’s lap and called out her name and clapped…. She lit up like a Christmas Tree. Thank God, no screaming, terrified picture for us. We got the picture I had always dreamed of.  I now have a keepsake that I can show her when she is older and tell her how wonderful her first Christmas Season was. I couldn’t have asked for a better one, but they do seem to get better and better each year!


 First Holiday Moments submission #1 from Tracy Faris and daughter Isabelle from Carlsbad, CA



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