As a first time mom there are a lot of “Firsts” that you go through and although we try our hardest to make it the best experience possible it doesn’t always end up that way.

Even before the haircut he was suspicious

Even before the haircut he was suspicious

Little Man was born with A LOT of hair and it was hard for me to part with any of it. When he was seven months I finally got the guts to take him for his first haircut. I took him to a local kids salon in Macy’s with a woman that said she had been cutting kids hair for over 20 years. I figured she knew how to handle a first haircut and didn’t think much of it.

My husband decided to hold Little Man in his lap so I could take video and pictures. The woman began the haircut with a pretty brusque manner and it just got worse from there. Little Man was crying the whole time and it took everything in my power not to grab him, hold him close and assure him everything was ok. When she started using sharp scissors right against his forehead while he squirmed my husband shot me a look of terror and gently said “Be careful” to the hair stylist. Her response was a harsh “You’re making me nervous!” To this day I don’t know why I didn’t swoop up my baby right then and there and say SCREW THIS HAIRCUT and walk out.


Now that I have my second child I know better. I realize it’s ok to be protective when it comes to your kids, even at the cost of not being polite. Thankfully we have had much better experiences since then and now my three year old will sit through a haircut no problem. When it comes time for Punkin to have his first haircut I will be more diligent in whom I choose and not feel the least bit sorry if I decide that it just isn’t working out and walk out.

Cuddled with momma afterwards. He was so exhausted from crying he fell right to sleep

Cuddled with momma afterwards. He was so exhausted from crying he fell right to sleep

How was your childs’ first haircut? Have you ever pulled your kid from a bad experience?


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