pink lemonade birthday partyBirthdays are always exciting but first birthdays — those are the ones you really remember. It’s been a bit bittersweet as we’ve come up on my daughter’s first birthday.

Even though we’ve been through “first years” with each of my boys, having a daughter is a new experience so we’ve had a huge year of firsts.

I’ve been having fun brainstorming first birthday party themes for girls since my only previous experience with birthdays has involved trucks, balls, and action heroes.

Since my little girl clearly already prefers balls to dolls so this may be the only chance I get to dream about super girly birthday party themes.

After scouring Pinterest and Etsy I decided on my favorite birthday party theme for a baby girl — Pink Lemonade.

How cute is that?

I love the idea that a pink lemonade birthday party theme is just a bit retro and very girly without being over the top.

Pink Lemonade First Birthday Invitations

I love using party invitations as a way to document major life events. Yes, you could send out an online invitation to your family and friends but you won’t have anything to throw in a baby book afterwards. These invitations from LemonadeDesignStudio are super sweet and can be paired with a fun lemonade themed photo shoot for a memorable keepsake.


Simple Lemon Themed Decorations

I’ve mentioned before how uncrafty I am, which is why I love simple decorating ideas that don’t require any particular skill on my part. Tall glass containers filled with lemons make a beautiful center piece for your table and are a great way to coordinate with the pink lemonade theme. Spread a few lemons across the table at the base of your glass containers for an added pop of color.


Pink Lemonade Cake

I have a serious weakness for lemon cake. It’s second only to chocolate, which if you know me, chocolate always comes first so to even be tempted by anything else is saying something. We have a favorite recipe for pink lemonade cake that my son requests every year on his birthday. We tease him that he always has a pink birthday cake but it really is delicious. Our recipe is very similar to this pink lemonade cake recipe by Crafty Corner. If you want to avoid food coloring, you can substitute in a small amount of beet juice for the red food coloring.

lemonade birthday party theme

Lemonade Stand Pretend Play

I love, love, love pretend play activities. While a one year old may be a bit young to really participate in pretend play it’s definitely not too early to explore some fun pretend play toys. I love this adorable toy lemonade stand featured on The Burrus Family Blog. If you have someone who likes to build things in your house, this would be a really cute homemade birthday gift for your one year old and it makes for adorable pictures!

pink lemonade birthday party

What is your favorite first birthday theme for a baby girl?

6 Responses to Pink Lemonade First Birthday Party Theme

  1. This is absolutely adorable! Love the invites too!

  2. So cute! I just threw my daughter’s first birthday this last weekend. For quite a while I was thinking about going with a pink lemonade theme. I decided on a different theme for this year with the idea of saving all my cute pink lemonade ideas for next year. Great minds think alike!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my invitation design in this adorable collection! I’m honored! – Monica {Owner/Artist at Lemonade Design Studio}

  4. Jill Hauswirth says:

    Love This idea. Where did you find the large basket?

  5. […] girly but retro Pink Lemonade Birthday – (via Right Start […]

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