Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday for kids and parents alike, but hands-on activities are a great way to really get your kiddos engaged. Here are a few kids’ Thanksgiving crafts to do with your little ones that will not only result in cute decor for your home, but will also be a fun way to keep them busy and involved.

Autumn Garland

Autumn Garland Creating Creatives
What better way to get in the Thanksgiving mood than a sweet autumn garland! This one from Creating Creatives is super simple for all ages and looks adorable and festive when hung on a wall or mantel!

Autumn GArland Materials Creating Creatives

For details on how to put together all the materials, click here.

Place Cards
Have your child make a place card or pin for each person at your dinner table. Then, give him free rein to make the seat assignments (just don’t be surprised to find Junior at the head of the table!). Bonus: Each of these items turns into an adorable commemorative take-home!

What to do:
Paint designs, initials or names onto small birch wood slices (found at craft stores), and allow them to dry. Then use gel superglue (an adult’s job) to attach pin backs to the back of the slices; let dry for several hours. Pin them to napkins, until your guests wear them for the meal! They’ll add a beautifully rustic touch to your holiday table.

festive kids crafts for thanksgiving //

Image curtesy of FamilyFun Magazine

Another idea: Decorate empty toilet paper rolls by gluing scraps of colored paper to make adorable pilgrim and Native American figurines. Use a marker to draw on faces or additional accessories. Then, write each guest’s name on a figurine and set it at their place at the table! Everyone will love this homemade nod to the first Thanksgiving celebration.

festive kids crafts for thanksgiving //

Thanksgiving Hats

These cute hats could easily be place holders at the kids’ table. In fact, lay out the craft materials on Thanksgiving morning to give your kiddos something to do while you finish up that turkey! Creating Creatives has full details on how to make the hat below, as well as a pilgrim’s hat or bonnet.

Thanksgiving Hats Creating Creatives

Happy Thanksgiving!

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