Right Start’s five favorite posts about the holiday craft world from the Right Start Blog.

Cute Ways to Use Cookie Cutters This Holiday Craft Season” reindeer_ornament_blog

Sick of the usual sugar cookies and gingerbread men? You’re not alone. In this, one of our most recent blog posts, you’ll find out why those cookie cutters are way more than just…for baking. Don’t toss ‘em away! If you’re looking for easy, affordable ways to entertain your little one, don’t overlook the many uses of the cookie cutter. For example, get outside and use them to blow bubbles!

Fifteen Easy Winter Family Traditions

For some, family traditions are the thing of legend (think, the annual family tree decorating); for others, traditions come and go. Check out this creative, fun, useful list of memorable and easy (read: not time-consuming!) traditions you can take up. These are “simply-planned” traditions: winter family fun that is simple and easy. Check out #7: pulling out your blankets and pillows and setting up a family “camp-out” under the Christmas tree lights.

A New Family Tradition – Holiday Books Countdown!” shutterstock_523535776

This is a great and easy (and cost-saving!) activity. If you’re looking to create meaningful ways to commemorate the holidays, check this one out. You can gather books from the library or even do this activity ritually at a bookstore: choose 12 holiday-related books for “12 Books of Christmas” or eight books for the “Eight nights of Hanukkah.”  Read all about it!­

Seven Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

The holidays are such a busy time for parents. And yet the kids are excited and eager as ever—and hankering for attention. If the kiddos aren’t occupied and busy, they get grouchy—or, even better, tug at your sleeves right in the midst of cooking, decorating, shopping, and all-out gearing up for the holidays.  So! Check out this useful blog post, which provides a practical list of crafts activities that keep your little ones busy! (Ever heard of Paper Plate Santa?) Check out these and other DIY Christmas crafts on-the-go!

Budget-Friendly Holiday Décor Tips

Running out of time? Haven’t decorated yet but still want to? It’s not too late! And here’s why: there are many SIMPLE, easy, fast ways to decorate. Herein are five of the best (check out our favorite, #5 – so easy!).

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