taco_bell_cheese_quesadillaI was out and about, as I am every day, and had not packed a lunch for me and Little Man. In a desperate attempt to eat without getting out of the car I searched for a drive thru. I am not usually a fast food person but when you have little ones in the car you start to map out your errands around which places have drive thrus. I have been able to get a cappuccino, buy a carton of milk, pick up my prescription and order a veggie burger all from the comfort of my car. But back to the story at hand.

I pulled into Taco Bell and asked for a kid’s quesadilla. The drive thru employee informed me they did not have a kids quesadilla much less a kids menu. I thought that was strange and asked if I could just order a cheese quesadilla for my kid and a burrito for myself. I paid for the food, grabbed the bag and headed off to the park. As we sat down to enjoy our lunch I noticed Little Man was eating only the edges off his quesadilla. After one piece he announced he was done and went to play. I didn’t think anything of it since he is a finicky eater and had just finished some crackers in the car. Since I figured he wouldn’t miss a piece I started to munch on his quesadilla and was shocked when my mouth felt like it had caught on fire! What the heck did they put in this? Upon further inspection I saw there was a creamy pink sauce mixed in with the cheese. No wonder my son was only eating the edges. I’m surprised he didn’t burst out crying from the burn after the first bite.

It turns out they add Creamy Jalapeno Sauce to their cheese quesadillas. Maybe I am an idiot for thinking that a cheese quesadilla would only have cheese and a tortilla. But to order something that sounds pretty safe and have it turn your mouth on fire seems like a bad call for this fast food chain. Maybe it was too much to expect that the employee taking my order, knowing it was for a child, would mention something about this being a spicy item. I later looked up the Taco Bell website and it says they DO have a kids menu — with a cheese roll up! Grr!

Well, lesson learned. I usually pack him a lunch and plan to pick something else up for myself. It looks like this mom won’t forget to pack a lunch again.

When you eat out with your kids do you ever pack them a lunch and just order for yourself?

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2 Responses to Fast food mom fail

  1. Lindsay says:

    You should write Taco Bell about your experience. Companies are always open to feedback as that’s how they improve.

  2. Liz says:

    Nothing is safe when eating fast food. The cheese use in this quesadilla is made out of synthetics

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