I can’t believe Halloween is just barely over a month away! That means it’s time to start costume planning.   And, for our family, that means deciding on a theme.  That’s right, we dress up together as a family with a unifying theme!

For us, it all started 5 years  ago–the first one in which our oldest was big enough to do some fun activities. We decided on a pirate theme in which my husband & I were the pirates and our little guy was our parrot! (Get instructions on making the parrot costume here)

The next year we had a bug theme–my son was a green beetle, I was a butterfly, and my husband was the bug catcher! Then, we did a snorkeling theme with the cutest sea creatures two snorkelers could find. And, finally, last year, it came full circle and we did a pirate theme again (I had to use our parrot costume again!).

What do you think? Cute? Cheesy? Fun? I love it and figure we’ll only be able to make it work for a limited number of years, so I love having fun with it now! If you’re like us and need some family theme inspiration, there are lots of clever ideas around.

Here a a few of my favorites: 

Star Wars {Source: Ashley Ann Photography}

Peter Pan {Source: Crafty Mama Diva}

Super Heroes {Source: The Little Red House}

Angry Birds {Source: Whipperberry}


Shark Attack {Source:The Fickle Pickle}

Family Circus {Source: My Insanity}

The majority of these have a definite homemade/DIY aspect to them. So, if that’s not “your thing”, then definitely check out the Halloween costume selection on Right Start! In just a couple of minutes of browsing, I found some adorable options that I love:

Baby Chewbaca, Baby Kangaroo, and a Baby Lobster! SO cute!

And, if you like talking about all things Halloween (and would like the chance to win some great prizes), then don’t miss the Right Start Halloween Twitter Party next Tuesday!

What is YOUR family doing for Halloween costumes this year?

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  1. Catherine says:

    That Family Circus pic is adorable. I think my girls are dressing up as butterflies. Which is convenient because I happen to have some wings I made years ago and love so I’ll be able to dress up with them!

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