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Summer is right around the corner although in most parts of the country we are still trying to get rid of winter. Summer brings family vacations and the great outdoors. I have never been a big lover of camping overnight.  I would much rather find a Holiday Inn than to sleep on the ground.

However, with children who like to camp I am starting to come around to the idea. So, with a sturdy air mattress and larger tents that are easier to put up than when I was growing up, I have found myself living the “outdoor life” more often.

You might be curious how my children became “roughing it people”. That goes to their uncle Marc who is a Manager at the Sierra Club in Seattle, WA.  He started them off very slowly with a few “outdoor” experiences in the family backyard, where it was easy to have a good meal from mom and half a night’s rest in their room when they got scared/cold. He then moved them up to quick overnight trips to places in American Fork Canyon near Provo, Utah. He would prepare their meal outdoors and let them have a backpack to take their “essentials” to start the hiking process.


Now that we have lived in Colorado for almost three years and Uncle Marc now lives in Seattle, they are not getting their camping fix.  Heidi and I are talking about taking them up to Yellowstone for an extended weekend. Of course, it helps that her father has a place in Jackson Hole so we do not totally have to “rough it” the whole time and can have my version of a vacation as well.

I am glad Marc gave my children the chance to experience the outdoors in a completely different way than I did when growing up. Here is our “bucket list of camping sites we hope to visit before they are off to college:

1)      Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

2)      Glacier National Park (Montana)

3)      Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

4)      Redwoods National  Park  (California)

5)      Badlands National Park  (South Dakota)


Where have you taken your kids camping?


David is the Marketing Director for Right Start. He is the father of 3 with a set of boy and girl twins. He stays busying coaching his children in the various sports that they participate in. His partner in parenting is his wife, Heidi, who stays at home to manage their pre-teen children.

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  1. Laurie says:

    My parents first took my sister and I camping in Cripple Creek, CO to ‘ease’ us into the camping experience before we did a big camping trip to Yellowstone. I, too, am not a fan of camping but it’s great to look back at the pictures and laugh about the experience. ‘Camping’ in our backyard was usually more common for us growing up…

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