Toddler Dress UpTaking it easy does not come naturally to me. It’s no surprise that it doesn’t come easily to my toddler either. That has made this pregnancy challenging. I laid low while I was super sick during the first few months and now that I’m dealing with preterm labor issues I’m stuck on my couch on bed rest.

My toddler is not happy with the situation. Fortunately, we’ve found some creative ways to keep both of us entertained so we can survive this slower season of life.


Is there anything more exciting than stickers to a toddler? My toddler has spent hours plastering my legs with princess stickers. She loves it and pulling the stickers off the page is actually a great fine motor activity! I’m going to be pulling stickers off my wood floors for months but, in the meantime, we’re both happy.

Dress Up

Does you toddler go through 50 outfits a day anyway? Turn it into a game. The other day I had a basket of clean, folded laundry sitting out and my toddler spent over an hour trying on her brother’s clothes. We had to refold the laundry afterwards but she had a blast and sometimes you have to pick your battles.


Yes, I know. You’re supposed to limit TV time for toddlers. There are times when I give in though and even though it may not be the perfect activity for her, I’m grateful to have a way to keep my toddler occupied while I need to be down. You can make it more active by talking with your toddler about the show while watching. My toddler loves Sesame Street so we sing along with the songs and count out loud during the show and I don’t feel so bad about our TV time.

Shaving Cream Finger Painting

What is it about toddlers and messes? They love them! I’m definitely not up to a project that involves a lot of clean-up at the moment but you’d be surprised at how long a squirt of shaving cream on a cookie sheet can keep a toddler entertained. You have to do this with a toddler who is old enough not to put everything in her mouth but clean-up is a breeze and toddlers love this!

Read a Book

Being stuck on the couch is a great way to catch up on your reading . . . even if that means you read the same board book 15 times a day. You’ll enjoy the time with your toddler and you can alleviate some of that mommy guilt that comes from not being able to do all of your usual activities.



Have you been stuck on bed rest (or even down with the flu) with a toddler to entertain? What activities do you like to do to keep everyone happy?

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